Rice tasting event for free!


We are going to do rice tasting event on May 20,21th for free!

We invite expert of rice cooker Mr. Nagasaka from Japan.

He is coming to Hawaii with his fine kiln to cook Japanese top-notch rice.

The name of the rice is Kamiakari, the new super type found in 1998.

It has 3 times more rice germ compared to normal rice and thus, it is high in nutrients.

The rice is very rare that only four farmers in Japan are authorized to grow it.

You can buy this rice only this time in this yar.

With just one bite, it will no doubt change your point of view on rice.

Please visit our event and bite his special rice ! Everybody welcome !

May 20th

farmers market in Ward warehouse

8:45am~  Rice tasting


In our shop (the rice factory)

In our shop (the rice factory)

May 21th