Learn About Rice Bran


About Rice Bran

‘Rice bran’ has been used for a wide variety of uses for a long period of time with the wisdom of our ancestors. As rice bran is rich in nutrients and it only contains natural ingredients, you can safely use it for both cooking and household chores. Also, because it has been long considered highly effective for making skin smooth and beautiful, it has been used for baths as well as facial cleansing. If you need rice bran, please feel free to let us know while ordering your rice, we'd be happy to offer it for free of charge.

How to Use Rice Bran

Rice bran contains a good balance of B vitamins, vitamin E, minerals, dietary fiber and other nutrients. You can enjoy it as a handy health beauty ingredient by adding it to various dishes such as hamburgers and cookies. You can also eat it together with yoghurt, milk and sugar, as a cereal. However, if you wish to eat raw rice bran without cooking it, please keep it in the refrigerator and consume it within a week.

Use it to Make Nukazuke

Nukazuke is pickled food made in fermented rice bran mixed with salt, water etc. You can try making delicious nukazuke by soaking various vegetables in your original, home-made rice bran base in Hawaii.

As a Scum Remover

When boiled with spinach and taro, the rice bran's calcium bonds with the scum component from spinach and taro. As a result of this, it doesn't just reduce its acridity but also makes it taste less harsh with the rice bran's delicious flavor added.

As a Dish Washing Detergent and a Replacement for Polishing Wax

As a Dish Washing Detergent and a Replacement for Polishing Wax

By washing a pan together with rice bran, the fat contained in it helps remove grease stains from the pan. Also, thanks to the oil contained in rice bran, it is kind to your skin, preventing it from getting rough. On top of that, since it has a cleaning effect like wax, you can use it to clean the floor as well as furniture by putting it in a cloth bag.

As a Bleaching Agent

By boiling Chinese radish with rice bran, you can make it pure white and more delicious. It can also be used as a bleaching agent for towels and cloth. By boiling rice bran, hot water and dirty cloth together in a pot for some time, you can remove the dirt on the cloth.

For Oil Disposal

With rice bran, you can easily dispose of used cooking oil. Just pour the oil into a plastic bag or milk carton with rice bran in it. The rice bran absorbs the oil, making it easier to throw in the garbage.

As a Fertilizer

Because of the rice bran's abundance in nutrients, it is also highly valued as an effective fertilizer in agricultural fields. You can use it as an ideal fertilizer for gardening and so on.

For Beauty

There is no need for luxurious cosmetics. Rice bran has been used as a substitute for soap since ancient times, so it can be a wonderful item for skin care. When used, you can either take some of raw rice bran by hand or put it in a basin of warm water. You can try out a variety of beauty routines available today.
* As it is directly applied to your skin, please make sure that the rice bran is fresh. (As rice bran gets oxidized with the passage of time, we do not recommend using old rice bran)
Since it may not suit your skin, please apply some on your hand or wrist to do an allergy test first.

Before Use

Because rice bran is very prone to oxidization, please fry the fresh rice bran in a frying pan first.
By applying heat, the oxidation of the enzyme, called lipase, can be reduced and you will be able to store it for about one to two weeks in the refrigerator.