Power of Brown Rice and Partially Polished Rice

Brown Rice and Partially Polished Rice are Abundant in Nutrients

B Vitamins

(Brown rice contains about five times more B vitamins than white rice) B vitamins, such as vitamin B1 and B2, are one type of the nutrients strongly associated with improving body metabolism, helping to convert carbohydrates and lipids into energy within the body. If there is a deficiency in B vitamins, it causes several health problems, such as digestive disorders, hyperesthesia and roughness of the skin.

Vitamin E

(Brown rice contains about 6.5 times more vitamin E than white rice) Vitamin E has a strong antioxidant effect and also prevents aging.


(Brown rice contains about 2 to 3 times more minerals than white rice) Calcium is an important nutrient that makes strong teeth as well as bones. Magnesium and calcium have an effect of purifying the blood. With the sodium and potassium ratio of 1:5, which is close to that of human cells, rice is said to be healthy food that is natural for the human body. Additionally, if you do not properly ingest enough minerals, it’s the cause of health problems such as osteoporosis, anemia, hyperesthesia and anorexia.

Dietary Fiber

(Brown rice contains about five to eight times more dietary fiber than white rice) By taking in plenty of dietary fiber, you can strengthen the intestinal function and prevent constipation.
This dried rice malt made in the town full of nature, Yakumo (Hokkaido), is praised as the real traditional rice malt. With this rice malt, you can easily make amazake (a Japanese traditional, sweet, non-alcohol drink) which is referred to as the drinkable IV drip, since it’s so healthy.
In addition to this, it can be used to make miso (bean paste) as well as salted rice malt,* which is often utilized to precook meat and fish.
As it is dried rice malt, you can use it throughout the year without worrying about it deteriorating in quality.
Before use, please mix the rice malt well with a half cup of warm water (warmer than the body temperature) and leave it for 30 minutes.

* Popular Japanese fermented condiment mixed with rice malt, water and salt.