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The Rice Factory
The Rice Factory

Preferences to Rice

Excellent Taste

We carefully select the rice we purchase, based on its place of origin, brand name, taste, aroma, stickiness and gloss. Since our customers can choose the best suited rice depending on the intended use, we are fully confident that each and every one of our customers can surely be satisfied with our high quality rice.

As we polish the rice in our mill immediately after your order, you can have it in the most fresh and delicious condition. To match our customers’ needs and dietary preferences for their health, we offer our customers to choose freely how well the rice is polished (e.g. brown rice, partially polished rice (half polished, 70% polished rice etc.) and completely polished rice.) Newly polished rice is just as fresh and moist as newly harvested fresh vegetables, and the taste and aroma are totally different in comparison to the rice that has already gone through a long period of time after polishing.


The rice from our shop is 100% pure Japanese rice grown with no or very low amount of agricultural chemicals, so you can enjoy our rice without any concern. Also, we have experienced Japanese rice sommeliers as well as knowledgeable Japanese and American dietitians at our shop. They will kindly answer any of your questions regarding our rice as well as health concerns via phone, e-mail and in person at the shop.

If you have a request for us to do a workshop on rice for an event, please feel free to contact us.


Rice is also ‘fresh food,’ just like vegetables. For that reason, good rice preservation is also one of our key focuses. We import rice from Japan in a special low temperature container which temperature is constantly kept at the optimal temperature (15 degrees Celsius) and store it in our own company’s refrigerated room.

In addition, rice polishing is carefully conducted by the hands of our Japanese rice specialists shortly after receiving orders from our customers. The newly polished rice is the best after all!

We take great care of our rice in order to deliver it to our customers in the freshest condition possible.

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